Caustic Metering Pump

Caustic Metering Pump

Caustic metering pump is a kind of metering pump specially used for dosing alkaline chemicals (such as sodium hydroxide). It has a wide range of applications in the fields of water treatment, manufacturing, and chemicals.

In the field of water treatment, they are used to regulate the pH of water bodies to ensure that the water quality is up to standard and to prevent pipeline corrosion. In chemical manufacturing, these pumps are used to neutralize acidic solutions to ensure the safety and stability of the production process. In the wastewater treatment process, they are used to dosage alkaline chemicals to purify wastewater and protect the environment. In addition, caustic metering pumps are also widely used in the pharmaceutical, food processing and textile industries to accurately dose chemicals to improve production processes and product quality. By accurately controlling the dosage of caustic chemicals, these pumps provide reliable liquid handling solutions for a variety of industries, ensuring smooth production processes and consistent product quality.


  • Adjusting pH
  • Neutralizes acidic solutions
  • Cleaning and deodorizing
  • Used as chemical intermediates or raw materials (for products such as soaps, detergents, fertilizers, paper and glass)
  • Disinfecting, sterilizing and antibacterial


  • Strong corrosiveness
  • Caustic discharge may cause pollution to the environment
  • High transportation and storage costs

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