Mechanical Dosing Pump

The mechanical diaphragm dosing pump is a worm gear driven by a motor through a direct drive for variable speed motion, which transforms the rotary motion into a reciprocating linear motion with a crank linkage mechanism.

HAOSH’s mechanical diaphragm metering pumps combine the durability of hydraulic metering pumps without the use of intermediate fluids or hydraulic oil to drive the diaphragm. Reducing the potential for transmission oil to contaminate the process, they are capable of reliably metering a wide range of chemicals, including industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and agriculture.

how does a mechanical metering pump work?

Mechanical diaphragm metering pumps have a worm gear, motor, drive shaft and piston. The worm gears are used to adjust the motor speed to the desired stroke length. The gear turns the drive shaft to a specific stroke speed, which initiates the stroke motion in the piston. This backward and forward stroke motion of the piston drives the diaphragm. The backward motion of the piston also creates a backward motion of the diaphragm, which creates a vacuum. This vacuum draws fluid into the pump. As the diaphragm and piston move forward, the liquid is pushed out of the pump at the desired volume.

Industry applications

Mechanically driven metering pumps are suitable for all types of chemical metering applications.

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Textile Printing and Dyeing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy & Power



Most metering pumps have motors, and the motors are usually electric motors that drive the pump head. Solenoid metering pumps, on the other hand, do not have motors and rely on solenoids to drive their operation.

Because centrifugal pumps do not perform well under low-pressure conditions, dosing and metering many occasions with low pressure, more suitable for professional metering pumps.

Metering pump belongs to a kind of volumetric pump, the definition of the two categories are different.

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