Dosing System

Dosing systems are application-tailored systems that meet the challenges of water and wastewater treatment applications. It is primarily used for the automatic addition of chemicals and polymers.

We can also customize chemical dosing skids for a variety of industry applications.

Industry Applications

  • Coagulant
  • Cooling tower biocides
  • Boiler feedwater chemicals
  • Disinfectant
  • Softening agents
  • pH control and adjustment
  • Odor control
  • Chlorination and dechlorination

HAOSH dosing systems

HAOSH is a manufacturer of dosing pumps and dosing systems, offering solutions for dosing equipment. Dosing systems are designed with great precision to ensure longer service life and high performance. It is often used in ultrafiltration, wastewater treatment, raw water treatment, reverse osmosis and cooling water treatment.



Dosing systems are system devices used primarily in water and wastewater treatment applications to control the automatic dosing of chemicals, such as disinfectants, flocculants, etc.

In the wastewater treatment industry, drugs are usually added to wastewater to help suspended particles coagulate more quickly, thus removing these wastes better and flowing out relatively clean and unpolluted water. Water can also be disinfected at the back end, for example for drinking water.

Dosing system doses chemicals into the water under certain pressure and velocity conditions, depending on how many chemicals are dissolved in the wastewater entering through the inlet.

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