Mixer Agitator

Mixer agitator is a machine used in a tank to mix various process media together. The types of media include liquids, gases and solids. It works by rotating an impeller that transfers energy to the interacting and mixing media. The components of the mixer are usually the motor and gearbox, shaft and impeller selected for the job.

Typical applications are, for example, chemical mixing in water treatment dosing tanks, agitation and aeration in aeration tanks, static mixer for mixing various materials, etc.

Uses of agitator Mixers

Agitators are used to mix liquids, gases and solids in different process media – chemical additions or pharmaceutical ingredients. Agitators transfer energy by mechanical means through a rotating shaft with an impeller specifically designed for that task. This may be axial pumping, gas induction, flocculation, high viscosity products, high and low shear mixing, etc.

In wastewater treatment, you need precise mixing control at every stage, from rapid flash mixing to polymer addition. While some chemicals only need to be dissolved, others (such as lime slurry) require special attention to solids, mass transfer and reactions in the neutralization phase of the process.

Examples of new and older processes requiring controlled mixing methods include moving bed bioreactors (MBBR), aerobic and anaerobic processes. Our expertise in mixing allows these processes to benefit from the energy efficiency of top inlet mixers. Our mixers are designed to meet the complex needs of your wastewater treatment process.



Wastewater treatment plant t will usually use the following 3 types of mixers.

  1. Oxidation ditch, anoxic tank, generally will be equipped with a large paddle low-speed pusher, characterized by large paddle, generally in the diameter of 1000mm ~ 2500mm, slow speed is generally only 35 ~ 135 r / min, the motor through the reduction mechanism output a wide range of push flow effect.
  2. In the oxidation ditch, anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, regulating tank and other stages, in order to prevent sludge sedimentation will be configured with a certain power of high-speed submersible mixer. The product is characterized by a relatively small impeller, with a diameter between 260mm and 960mm. The rotational speed is faster and can reach 480~980 r/min, and the anti-sedimentation effect is better in a small range, which is used together with low-speed thrusters.
  3. In the coagulation and flocculation stage, vertical mixers are generally used. Characterized by the motor on the water surface, according to the depth of the pool will generally have 2 to 3 independent 3-blade paddle, blade more than the use of strip-shaped pulp plate, paddle diameter will also be optional according to the pool type. The main role is to complete the flocculation stage of mixing and promote the effective sedimentation of sludge. Horizontal shaft installation is also available, and is common in large water plants.

Pipeline mixer, also known as pipe static mixer, is very effective in water supply and drainage and environmental protection engineering for adding a variety of coagulants, coagulants, ozone and acid and base neutralization, gas and water mixing and so on. It is an ideal equipment for the treatment of water and various agents to achieve instant mixing. It has the characteristics of rapid and efficient mixing, simple structure, energy saving, small size, and so on. Water flow through the pipeline mixer will produce diverting, cross mixing and reverse swirl three effects, so that the added agents quickly and evenly spread to the whole water body, to achieve the purpose of instant mixing, mixing efficiency up to 90 ~ 95%, can save the amount of agents about 20 ~ 30%, improve the water treatment effect, save energy.

The advantage is that it helps the chemicals to mix faster in water to make the desired liquid. The disadvantage is that it has a single function.

A mixer is a machine that uses mechanical force and gravity, etc., to mix two or more materials together evenly. Mixing machinery is widely used in various industries and daily life.

Mixer, is a kind of machine with a blade shaft rotating in a cylinder or tank to stir and mix a variety of raw materials into a mixture or suitable consistency. The mixer is divided into forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer, etc. The mixer is widely used in paint, solid for mixing and dispersion, dissolution of efficient equipment, ink, color materials, adhesives and other chemical products, the equipment is composed of five parts: hydraulic system, main drive, stirring system, guiding mechanism, electric control box, the structure of each part of the equipment is compact and reasonable.

The blade at the front of the mixer is called the impeller, which is one of the main components.

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