Swimming Pool Dosing Pump

dosing pump for swimming pool

Pool water treatment, is a method of using a chemical dosing pump to add the necessary water treatment agents to pool water to ensure clean and sanitary water quality.

In swimming pool water treatment, solenoid dosing pumps are usually used to add the right amount of water treatment agents, such as sanitizers, to the pool water to maintain sanitary and safe water quality. Among the choices of sanitizers usually include sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, water hypochlorite, or chlorine dioxide to ensure effective sterilization of microorganisms in the water.

Swimming pool water treatment principle

The disinfectant dissolves in water and reacts as follows:

NaClO + H2O → Na+ + OH- + HClO

Ca(ClO)2 + 2H2O → Ca2+ + 2OH- + 2HClO

ClO- + H2O → HClO + OH-

ClO2 + H2O → HClO2 + H+

ClO2 reacts with water in water to form the chlorite acid HClO2.


  • Provides proven pool water treatment solutions
  • Effective sterilization to ensure clean pool water
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Many factors affect water quality, improper treatment may reduce the sterilization effect
  • Chlorine odor may remain in the water
  • Poor killing effect on some microorganisms, viruses and amoeba pods.

HAOSH offers swimming pool dosing pumps for a wide range of swimming pool water treatment applications, ensuring that water quality meets hygiene standards. We can also provide specialized chemical dosing systems for your pool applications, offering easy installation configurations.

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