PAC Dosing Pump

Chemical powder PAC for dosing pumps

PAC dosing pumps are dosing pumps used to inject polymerized aluminum chloride (PAC) into water treatment systems. PAC is commonly used in water treatment processes such as coagulation and flocculation to remove suspended solids, turbidity, and organic matter from water.

Working Principle

PAC dosing pumps are designed to provide precise dosing of solutions. This is typically accomplished by adjusting the pump’s operating parameters, such as pump rate or duty cycle. This ensures that the amount of PAC solution injected each time is predictable and precise.

Injection into the water treatment system: Once the pump has created sufficient pressure and the precise dosage of solution has been adjusted, the PAC solution is injected into the water treatment system. This can be accomplished by connecting piping or piping systems to ensure that the PAC solution is added to the water as needed.


  • Precise Dosing Control: The ability to provide precise solution dosing is important for water treatment applications where accurate control of chemical dosing is required.
  • Automation and Programmability: Automation and programmability features allow adjustments to be made according to system requirements.
  • Flexibility: Easily integrate into different types and sizes of water treatment systems and adjust and customize as needed.


Requires regular maintenance: Pumps require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure their proper operation.
Dependent on electrical and mechanical operation: Operation is dependent on the supply of electricity and the proper functioning of mechanical components, and if there is an electrical failure or mechanical failure, the operation of the water treatment system may be affected.

As a key piece of chemical equipment, PAC metering pumps play an important role in water treatment, chemical production, pharmaceuticals and other fields. By accurately dosing chemical feed systems, PAC metering pumps can ensure the stability and reliability of the production process, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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