Lime Dosing Pump

Motor metering pumps for lime transfer are corrosion-resistant and low-noise

Whar’s lime?

“Lime” can refer to lime, usually calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide, which is an inorganic compound. Lime forms calcium hydroxide, an alkaline substance, when dissolved in water.
Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) is often referred to as limewater or lime slurry, while calcium oxide (CaO) is often called quicklime. These substances have a wide range of uses in construction, water treatment, and agriculture.
In wastewater chemical treatment, lime is commonly used to adjust the pH of water, precipitate, and remove impurities from water. In construction, quicklime is used to prepare lime slurry, which can be used in masonry, stucco, and other building projects. Overall, lime has important applications in various fields.

Lime Dosing Pump Application Principle

Lime is usually supplied as an aqueous solution or suspension. This may be a mixture of calcium hydroxide (limewater) or calcium oxide (lime slurry). The dosing pumps are equipped with an internal metering mechanism that works in conjunction with a chemical control system to adjust the rate of injection based on real-time water quality parameters or other monitoring indicators to maintain consistent water quality.


  • Accurate dosing: A lime dosing pump can provide highly accurate dosing of liquid lime to ensure accurate dosing in the fluid system.
  • Automatic control: Equipped with an automatic control system, it can be adjusted according to real-time water quality parameters to realize automatic operation and improve stability.


  • Professional maintenance requirements: There are certain professional maintenance requirements for the equipment, which require regular inspection and maintenance, increasing the operation and maintenance costs.
  • Corrosiveness of materials: Due to the corrosiveness of the lime liquid, it is necessary to use corrosion-resistant materials to manufacture pumps and related components, which may increase the difficulty of equipment manufacturing.

HAOSH offers a wide range of dosing pumps for use in different industries to ensure that your industrial processes are carried out efficiently and stably, providing you with matching dosing systems and dosing tank.

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