HCL Dosing Pump

Dosing pumps for the transfer of hcl, a highly acidic and corrosive chemical

What is Hcl?

HCL is hydrochloric acid, a strong acid produced by the reaction of hydrogen and chlorine in the presence of a catalyst under suitable conditions. It is a colorless, irritating odor liquid, highly soluble in water, and strongly corrosive.

Hydrochloric acid has the molecular formula HCl, in which a hydrogen atom is bonded to a chlorine atom. In solution, hydrochloric acid decomposes into hydrogen ions (H⁺) and chloride ions (Cl-). Because of its strong acidic nature, hydrochloric acid is widely used in many industries, laboratories, and chemical processes.

Application of Hcl

  • Metal cleaning and corrosion removal.
  • Pickling treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Laboratory use
  • Hydrochloric acid preparation


  1. Accurate dosing: Hydrochloric acid metering pumps are capable of dosing chemicals with great precision, ensuring that the required dosage is accurately controlled in the fluid system.
  2. Automated control: Equipped with advanced controllers and sensors, hydrochloric acid dosing pumps can be automated, adjusting the dosing process according to real-time parameters.
  3. High stability: Through precise control and dosing mechanisms, hydrochloric acid metering pumps provide stable and reliable chemical dosing, helping to maintain process consistency.
  4. Adaptable: Dosing rates and dosages can be adjusted to suit different needs, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and water treatment applications.


  • Requires professional maintenance: The pump equipment involves precise mechanical and electronic components, which require regular inspection and maintenance by professional maintenance personnel.
  • High environmental requirements: Because of the corrosive nature of hydrochloric acid, some components of hydrochloric acid metering pumps need to be made of corrosion-resistant materials, which may increase the difficulty of manufacturing and maintaining the equipment.
  • Limited scope of application: Hydrochloric acid metering pumps are mainly used for chemical dosing, and may not be suitable for some special applications or situations that require other processing methods.

HCL dosing pump is a kind of equipment specially used to inject chemicals such as hydrochloric acid into the fluid system at an accurate rate or dosage, which can be widely used in the fields of water treatment and disinfection, industrial production, etc. HAOSH, as a pump manufacturer, provides metering pumps that can be chemically injected, and we can customize the most suitable metering pumps that can be chemically injected for your application.

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