Fluoride Metering Pump

Metering Pump For Fluorine

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a chemical element in the periodic table with strong oxidizing and electronegative properties. Common compounds include fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, and fluorine gas. Fluoride is widely found in minerals and rocks, while hydrogen fluoride is an important compound of fluorine, commonly used in industrial production and chemical reactions. In water treatment, it exists in the form of fluoride ions in water and is often added to drinking water to increase the fluoride content of the water, a process known as fluoridation.

Application Principle Of Fluoride Metering Pump

Fluoride metering pumps are mainly used to control the precise flow rate of fluoride added to fluids. Usually using a plunger or peristaltic pump design, it has high-precision and stable flow control capabilities. Its application principle is based on accurately controlling the pump’s work and injecting the preset fluoride solution into the fluid to achieve the required concentration.


  • Precise metering: Provides highly accurate and precise flow control to ensure precise addition of fluoride, suitable for applications requiring strict control of additive concentration.
  • Automatic control: Automated operation can be realized through the advanced control system, reducing human intervention and improving operation efficiency.
  • Stability: Stable flow control capability makes the addition process more stable and reliable.
  • Adaptability: Can be used in different flow and precision requirements of the occasion, and adapt to different concentrations of fluoride solution.


  • Higher cost: These pumps usually have high precision and automated control features, which can be costly compared to ordinary pumps.
  • Possible malfunction: The complex control system may have the risk of malfunction, which may affect the production or treatment process if not repaired in time.
  • Not suitable for all occasions: For some general fluoride addition occasions, may not need such high precision and automation control, so the use of this advanced metering pump may be a bit excessive.

Fluoride metering pumps are suitable for those applications where precise concentration control is required with a high degree of automation but need to be fully considered before use. HAOSH, as a manufacturer of pumps for water treatment, offers a wide range of polymer metering pumps to be used in conjunction with polymer preparation units to provide highly efficient and accurate chemical metering systems to optimize the efficiency and results of the water treatment process.

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