Detergent Dosing Pump

Detergent Dosing Pumps for Sodium Hydroxide Delivery

What is a detergent dosing pump?

A detergent dosing pump is a device used to accurately measure and deliver detergent or sanitizer. Such pumps are typically used in a wide range of commercial and industrial washing systems, such as cleaning equipment and other applications where precise control of detergent dosage is required. In water treatment, some of the chemicals involved that are suitable for delivery by detergent dosing pumps are sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide for disinfectants, boiler treatment chemicals, and water treatment flocculants.


  • Very precise dosing
  • Automatic control according to specific needs
  • Suitable for a wide range of detergents
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Corrosion-resistant design


  • Complexity of maintenance, regular calibration and cleaning
  • Dependence on electricity
  • Limited adaptability
  • Subject to extreme environmental conditions

HAOSH specializes in providing detergent dosing pumps designed to meet the high demands of a wide range of water treatment applications. Our detergent dosing pumps not only accurately meter a wide range of liquids to ensure that water quality meets hygiene standards, but also offer specialized chemical dosing systems, providing a one-stop solution for your application.

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