Proportional Dosing Pump

proportional dosing pump

Proportional pumps are another name for dosing pumps. In the process of ensuring the safety of drinking water and wastewater, proportional dosing pumps have become advanced water treatment equipment, providing a powerful assistant for water quality control through accurate proportional dosing.

Principle of operation of proportional dosing pump

  1. Proportional dosing pump is a kind of dosing pump that realizes continuous and precise adjustment of output flow according to the change of input signal. The working principle of proportional dosing pump mainly includes the following steps:
  2. Conversion of input signals: The input signals of proportional dosing pumps can be various forms of signals, such as electrical signals, gas signals, hydraulic signals and so on. Proportional dosing pumps need to convert these input signals into mechanical movement to drive the pump piston or plunger for reciprocating motion.
  3. Conversion of mechanical movement: proportional dosing pump will be converted to mechanical movement of the input signal, the need to convert mechanical movement into flow. Proportional dosing pumps usually use the principle of volumetric to realize the conversion of flow.
  4. Adjustment of flow: proportional dosing pump by adjusting the piston or plunger stroke to adjust the flow. The larger the stroke of the piston or plunger, the larger the flow.


  • High flow control accuracy: The high flow control accuracy of proportional pumps can meet the needs of precision processes. For example, in chemical production, proportional pumps are used to precisely control the ratio of raw materials to ensure product quality.
  • Compact structure and small volume: Proportional pumps have a compact structure and small volume, which is easy to install and maintain.


  • Higher price: Proportional dosing pumps have a complex structure and require the use of precision parts, so the price is higher.
  • Higher maintenance costs: the internal structure of the proportional dosing pump is more precise, requiring regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

HAOSH offers a wide range of proportional dosing pumps covering a variety of industry applications such as swimming pool water, drinking water and industrial wastewater. We are committed to providing you with intelligent, efficient and reliable water quality control solutions to ensure clean and safe water.

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