Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump

Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump

ORLITA MH hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps (models MHS 35 to MHS 600) with a stroke length of 15 to 40 mm provide flow rates of up to 320 l/h and maximum pressures of up to 780 bar. The pumps are available in various drive versions for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion and are ATEX certified. The ORLITA MH product range is designed to comply with API 675. Its modular construction allows the free combination of drive units, actuators, and metering heads to accommodate different delivery volumes and media operation at different operating pressures.

Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(1)
Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(1)
Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(2)
Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(2)
Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(3)
Prominent Orlita Dosing Pump(3)


  • MHS 35/600 – Stroke length: 0-40 mm, rod force: 3500-40,000 N
  • Stroke length adjustment range: 0 – 100% in operation and idle.
  • Metering reproducibility better than ± 1% over the 10 – 100 % stroke length range under specified conditions and correct installation (API 675).
  • Metal diaphragm with diaphragm rupture monitoring system
  • Wetted material: stainless steel, special designs available on request
  • Standard three-phase AC motors, motors for use in explosion-endangered areas, and different flange designs for customer-specific motors
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Temperature range – 60 °C to + 200 °C

Technical Parameter

Plunger Theor. stroke volumeMax. capacity in l/h at strokes/min (50 Hz)Max. pressureStandard type of valve
mmml/strokel/hl/hbar 3 3
60.420.91.2400DN 3
70.771.72.1900DN 3.5 3
101.573.44.3446DN 6
164.028.710.9174DN 6
204.7110.212.880DN 6
259.8221.426.771DN 10
4531.8169.286.522DN 16

HAOSH hydraulic dosing pumps are a good replacement for the ORLITA dosing pump range, please contact us for a quote.