Prominent Beta Dosing Pump

Prominent Beta Dosing Pump

Prominent Beta 4, Beta 5, BT4b series is a microprocessor-based solenoid doing pump. Suitable for metering water treatment and liquid medium transport in chemical processes. The pump is cost-effective, anti-overload and suitable for existing signal sensors. Capacity range 0.74 – 32 L/H, 25 – 2 Bar.


  • Optional external control via 0/4 – 20 mA and potential-free contacts, pulse boost and buck ranges from 64:1 to 1:64
  • Simple adjustment of metering capacity by stroke rate and stroke length
  • External control via potential-free contacts for pulse step-up and step-down to adapt to existing signal sensors
  • Suitable for almost all liquid chemicals due to available material combinations: PP, PVDF, transparent acrylic, PTFE and stainless steel
  • Transparent acrylic/PVC and PP self-bleeding dosing head design
  • Virtually wear-free electromagnetic drive: economical and overload-proof
  • Economic operation with up to 50% energy savings due to higher pump efficiency
  • 3 LED displays for operation, warnings and error messages
  • Continuous stroke length adjustment 0 – 100% (30 – 100% recommended)
  • Wide range of electrical connections: 100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Low voltage design 12 – 24 V DC

Technical parameter

Pump typePump capacity at max. back pressureStroke rateSuction liftAverage power consumption
 barl/hml/strokeStrokes/minm WCW
Metering pumps with non-self-bleeding dosing head
BT4b 1000 100.740.0718067.2
BT4b 1601 161.10.118069.6
BT4b 1602 162.20.2180611.2
BT4b 0708 77.10.66180415.2
BT4b 02202191.76180215.2
BT4b 0413412.31.14180315.2
BT4b 1604 163.60.33180515.2
BT5b 02322322.96180219.2
BT5b 0420417.11.58180319.2
BT5b 07137111.02180319.2
BT5b 1008106.80.63180319.2
BT5b 250425 2.90.27180419.2

HAOSH is the world’s leading brand of fluid control equipment, specializing in the development of dosing metering pumps and systems. HAOSH HS series solenoid dosing pump can replace Beta4 well, HAOSH HH series solenoid dosing pump can replace Beta5.