Electromagnetic Dosing Pump

electromagnetic dosing pump

Electromagnetic dosing pumps are pumps that utilize an electromagnetic drive mechanism to accurately control the dosage of liquids, as opposed to electronic dosing pumps, which use a complex electronic control system to achieve precise dosage control.

Electromagnetic dosing pump working principle

The basic structure of electromagnetic dosing pump includes electromagnetic drive device, pump head and control system. Its working principle is that the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic drive device acts on the piston or diaphragm inside the pump head to push the liquid out. When the electromagnetic drive device is activated, the magnetic field will cause the movement of the piston or diaphragm, thus changing the volume of the pump chamber, so that the liquid is pushed out of the pump body. By adjusting the operating frequency or current of the electromagnetic drive, the flow rate of the liquid can be controlled, resulting in precise liquid dosage control. This electromagnetic drive mechanism ensures a very accurate dose of liquid is pumped each time, and is suitable for liquid dosing and delivery scenarios that require high precision.


  • Adjustable flow rate: By adjusting the working frequency or current of the electromagnetic drive, the flow rate of the pump can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
  • Easy maintenance: simple structure, few parts and components, maintenance and repair is relatively easy, can reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: the use of electromagnetic drive mechanism, can effectively control energy consumption, saving energy resources, in line with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.


  • Liquid viscosity limitation: Due to the limitation of its working principle, the electromagnetic dosing pump has certain limitation on the viscosity of the liquid, and can not deal with too viscous liquid.
  • Electromagnetic interference: In some cases, electromagnetic metering pumps may be affected by external electromagnetic interference, which may affect their normal operation.
  • Susceptibility to particles: If the liquid contains solid particles or impurities, the pump’s moving parts may be damaged, resulting in reduced performance or failure.
  • Higher price: Electromagnetic metering pumps typically cost more than typical pumps, which can increase equipment investment costs.

HAOSH brand not only provides electromagnetic dosing pumps, but also agitators and dosing systems. All of these devices are known for their excellent quality and stable performance, providing customers with comprehensive liquid handling solutions. HAOSH’s agitators and dosing systems are widely used in water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical industry and other fields, helping users to achieve efficient liquid mixing and precise chemical dosage control.

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