Antiscalant Dosing Pump

Metering Pumps For Antiscalant

What are antiscalants?

Scale is a deposit formed by the crystallization of dissolved minerals in water after heat or evaporation. The deposit will adhere to the surface of pipelines, heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, and other equipment, forming a hard scale, which reduces the efficiency of the equipment, increases the energy consumption, and even damages the equipment. Anti-scaling agent is a chemical substance usually added to water or other fluids to prevent the deposition and accumulation of scale (also known as limescale or hard water scale) on the surface of pipelines, equipment heat exchangers, etc. It works by altering the minerals in the water. It works by preventing the deposition and crystallization of scale by altering the way minerals in the water crystallize or by forming a film that inhibits crystallization. It is widely used in industrial production, HVAC, heating systems, boilers, and cooling systems to minimize the effects of scale on equipment and maintain normal operation.

Anti-scaling agents e.g. corrosion inhibitors, polymers, oxalates and chelating agents, organic acids, surfactants.

Principle Of Application Of Antiscalant Metering Pumps

Usually in the form of solids or concentrates, the antiscale agent solids or concentrates are dissolved in water or other solvents to prepare the solution; then the pump injects the precisely measured antiscale agent solution into the water stream or system to be treated at a preset speed and time, and the added antiscale agent solution mixes sufficiently with the water or fluid to ensure that the antiscale agent is uniformly dispersed to form a thin film or to prevent the effect of scale deposition.


High flow rate accuracy: Anti-scaling agent metering pump can precisely control the flow rate to ensure the correct dosage of the anti-scaling agent.
Reliable: Anti-scalant metering pump has a simple structure, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.
Wide range of applications: Anti-scalant metering pumps are suitable for various types of fluids and various flow conditions.


Chemical dependency: Anti-scalant metering pumps are dependent on a specific chemical (anti-scalant solution) and any problems with the supply of this chemical may affect the stability of the system.
Regular maintenance required: Anti-scalant metering pumps require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.
Equipment suitability: High-precision metering pumps may not be suitable for all equipment or applications, especially for small or simple applications where the use of such pumps may be costly and unnecessary.

HAOSH offers antiscalant metering pumps for a variety of different industries, including industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water, and pool water. We can customize your polymerization feed system to suit your application and provide mixing tanks for use with it.

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