Alum Dosing Pump

Alum available for alum dosing pumps

Alum is a commonly used coagulant and flocculant, widely used in water treatment to remove suspended solids and color from water and improve water quality. Alum dosing pumps are specifically designed for the precise dosing of alum into water treatment systems to ensure accuracy and consistency of the dosage.
Alum dosing pumps typically have a high precision dosing capability and are able to control the amount of alum dosed as needed to achieve optimal water treatment results.

Principle of operation

Alum dosing pumps are operated by some mechanical or electric device to draw alum from a tank and push it into the water to be treated. Usually equipped with a dosing control system, once the alum is accurately dosed and regulated, it is pushed into the water to be treated. Alum acts as a flocculant, binding to impurities in the water to form larger clusters for subsequent filtration and separation. The alum is mixed and reacted with the impurities in the water by means of an agitator, causing them to coagulate into clusters and settle into the water. This helps in removing suspended matter, sediment and color from the water and improves the quality of the wate


Precise control of water quality: By precisely controlling the dosage of alum, the alum dosing pump can effectively control the content of suspended solids and color in the water, and improve the stability and consistency of water quality.

Improve work efficiency: Compared with manual dosing, alum dosing pumps can realize continuous and stable dosing, which improves the work efficiency of the water treatment process and reduces labor costs and labor intensity.


Professional maintenance required: Alum dosing pumps involve sophisticated mechanical and electronic components that require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Subject to environmental conditions: alum dosing pumps may be affected by specific environmental conditions, such as temperature changes, water quality fluctuations, etc., which may affect the accuracy and stability of dosing, and need to take corresponding measures to adjust and optimize

Alum dosing pumps are suitable for different types of water treatment systems, including water supply plants, sewage treatment plants, industrial production and other fields, which can meet the water treatment needs of different industries. HAOSH, as a pump manufacturer, not only provides alum dosing pumps, but also customizes professional chemical feed systems for you.

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