Acid Dosing Pump

dosing pump for acid

Acid solutions are precisely added to the treatment system by acid dosing pumps to regulate the pH value or to realize a chemical reaction in a specific process.

Principle of action of acid dosing pumps

Acid dosing pumps are designed to control the dosage of acidic solutions and their action is based on the following principles:

  • PH adjustment: In water treatment, acidic solutions may be used to adjust the pH of water to meet desired water quality standards.
  • Chemical reactions: In chemical production, acidic solutions may be used to facilitate specific chemical reactions or to control reaction conditions.


  • Precise dosing: The acid dosing pump provides precise control of the amount of acid solution dosed, ensuring stability and consistency of system operation.
  • Flexible adjustment: The dosage can be adjusted as needed to meet specific process or treatment requirements.


  • Corrosivity: Acidic solutions may be corrosive to equipment and piping and require special materials or protection.

Acid dosing pumps play an important role in treating industrial wastewater, regulating reaction conditions and water treatment. They provide precise control and dosing mechanisms that help to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the production process. HAOSH offers a range of acid dosing pumps in convenient skid-mounted configurations to ensure accurate dosing of acidic solutions and reliability of system operation.

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